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The image most people have when they think of a hacker is of a bored, nerdy man wearing glasses who incessantly types away on his computer very early in the morning. While this stereotype has some basis in fact, programmers who hack have repeatedly proven themselves to be much more than intelligent but bored people keen on getting into places they shouldn’t go and causing mischief in the computer system. So-called “White Hackers” are trained to think, act and react like a hacker, enabling them to aggressively search out and destroy attacks from incoming hackers. They also have the sort of in-depth understanding of code and information transfer that is necessary for upgrading complex software and unlocking the most from a computer system.

Hacker Training Information

The need for “White Hackers,” friendly employees who have undergone hacker training, was first realized in the 1980s. Major corporations and the US Military realized that the hackers knew more about their computer systems than they did, and friendly hackers were all too happy to break into systems and report their findings. Indeed, many of the first White Hackers were hired directly from the field because they had proven they could get in and out of computer systems without being noticed. They were all too happy to change sides and be employed by the very companies and governments they had previously been hacking in to.

Most hackers get involved in hacking because of the intellectual challenge, and once the shift from “black hacking” to “white hacking” had been made, the challenge shifted from infiltration to the construction of impenetrable barriers. Most of the security software on the market today was developed by former hackers who knew all of the tricks and tips they needed to get in. For many of them, creating barriers that even they couldn’t penetrate was the most fun intellectual game of all, and anyone who has used a firewall or a piece of anti-virus software has reaped the benefits of such friendly hackers.

The advent of widespread hacking communities in Russia, China and the Middle East has led to ever increasing security needs in more developed countries. This is why any company that is highly dependent on IT should have employees that have undergone hacker training. Foreign, malicious hackers are extremely powerful and well trained and are often able to outsmart blanket solutions provided by packaged software. Having a few hackers on staff ensures that patches can be made and malicious hackers can be caught in the act, as opposed to many weeks or months after they have left their damage. Employed hackers can also spot and correct deficiencies in computer systems in order to unlock their highest potential, as well as ferret out bad hardware and software which must be replaced.

Here is a link to find out more about how to get industry leading hacker training. You can also train to become licensed penetration tester.

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